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Have You Ever Had Your Soul Touched By A Dolphin?
By Debbie Emerson

I must admit, dolphins have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. When I was about 5 years old, I remember my mother telling me stories of how dolphins have been known to rescue people from drowning at sea. I thought that it was amazing that an animal could be so smart. I have been amazed and awed by these incredible beings ever since.

Several years ago, I had the good fortune to join a wonderful group of people on the Big Island of Hawaii. We spent a week in a beautiful beach front house outside of Captain Cook.

The first morning as we were eating breakfast on the lanai (Hawaiian for balcony) we were greeted by the dolphins for the first time. They jumped out of the water, spinning several times before they landed with a splash, only to do it over and over again. It was easy to see and feel how joyous they were. I could hardly wait to get into the bay to swim with them.

We finished our breakfast and headed towards the beach. After swimming out into the bay we were suddenly surrounded by dolphins. They encircled us, occasionally staying near the surface, and at other times diving deep down into the incredibly clear blue ocean water. One of the most amazing sights was when they would jump high above the surface of the water, spinning in circles before landing with a huge splash. It was such a treat to be so close to them. The more that we laughed and clapped for their performance, the more they jumped and splashed. They gave us an incredible show!

Many times during the morning, a pair of dolphins would swim near me and allow me to swim along side of them. I say allow, because they are extremely fast swimmers and the only way that I was able to swim with them is that they slowed down to my pace.
As we swam together, we looked into each others eyes, connecting heart to heart, soul to soul. It changed my life profoundly!

Several times I found to my delight that my dolphin companions had led me into the middle of the pod. I was surrounded by dolphins! I felt privileged to be so accepted by these amazingly intelligent, loving and joyous beings.

My friend Lynne and I decided to head into the beach. As we started swimming to shore I thought to myself, “I wish that I could see my dolphin friends just one more time before we get back to shore.” No sooner had I thought it, I looked to my right and saw my two friends. They swam along side me as I headed towards the beach. When they finally swam away to join their pod; I knew that we would meet again.

I swam with the dolphins for 6 days in a row and have been back to swim with them many times. It is always an amazing and life changing experience!

DEBBIE EMERSON is a Certified Massage Therapist specializing in Healing Touch & Quantum Touch.
She is the Owner of the Holistic Healing Center of Grand Junction, in Colorado where she offers Clarivoyant Counseling, along with classes in Guided Visualization for Relaxation & Stress Reduction, Meditation, Healing & Clairvoyant Development.
DEBBIE can be reached at (970) 201-3599


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