CAN IT REALLY BE THAT SIMPLE? Yes, it can! As you change your energy healing begins. Healing in its simplest terms means to change energy. Everything in our world is composed of “universal life force energy”. This energy is known by many different names; Reiki, Prana and Chi to name a few.

All of the “solid” things in our world are made up of vibrating atoms. The protons and neutrons revolve around the nucleus of the atoms in much the same way the planets in our solar system revolve around our sun; the microcosm is a refection of the macrocosm.

The relative distance between the atomic components of each molecule is greater than the distance between the planets in our solar system. When you understand the atomic structure of matter, you begin to realize that what appears to be solid is composed of vibrating molecules that are constantly in motion and contain more space than matter.

Scientists have also discovered that the results of experiments vary according to the expectations of the experimenters. This phenomenon demonstrates that our intention and expectations affect the way that energy behaves.

This is very exciting! The key to our health, happiness and well being lie within us. The realization and understanding that our thoughts affect the world around us gives the power to choose. As we begin to change our thoughts, feelings and emotions, we change our energy, which will change our lives.


Our energetic system is very complex, yet simple and beautiful at the same time; a direct reflection of the universe. Our universe and everything in it is holographic; each part is a reflection of the whole. As we increase our awareness of our own energetic system and how it works, we increase our self-awareness as well as our awareness of the world that we live in. As our understanding increases, so do our choices. We begin to realize that we have many more choices than we previously thought. In fact our choices are limitless. We learn that many of the limitations that we previously thought we had aren’t based in the “true” reality that we begin to become more aware of.

For example, a young elephant is trained from the time it is young that a small rope will hold it captive. When it grows to adulthood it has the size, strength and power to easily to break free, but because of past experience, it accepts the limitation of being tethered and held captive.

How many situations do we accept as truth because that was our past experience? How many of these assumptions based in past time do we allow to dictate our lives in the present? As we progress in our study we will gain a greater degree of clarity, insight and understanding. As we do so, we will also become more aware of the consequences of our choices and how they will affect us and the world that we live in.



As you begin to understand the above three aspects of your energetic system, you will gain a greater understanding and awareness. You will learn how you can gain control of your life and how you can make choices that will contribute to your highest good as well as the highest good of the world.


The aura is the energetic bubble that surrounds and protects your physical body. The aura is generated by the chakras. It is made up of at least seven different energy bodies. Each energy body increases in density as it gets closer to the physical body. Our thoughts, emotions and life experiences are stored within and affect these energy bodies, which then ultimately affect our physical body. Through practice and experience you will become more aware of these energy bodies. Your will become adept at sensing and releasing energies that interrupt the flow of your life force energy in these subtle bodies, before it filters down into your physical body, where it is denser and somewhat more difficult to release.


The word chakra is a Sanskrit word that means, “wheel of light”. This is a good description of these energy centers that are located along the mid-line of the body and at each joint. Each of the seven main chakras, which are located along the mid-line of the body are related to and affect a major gland. There are also nerve ganglia that are located in the physical body in the same general location of each major chakra, as well as acupuncture points and energy meridians. These energy centers look like spinning wheels as seen from the front of the body and are different colors. As seen from a side view, they appear to be shaped like funnels, with the larger part of the funnel facing the front of the body, for the 2nd through the 6th chakras. The 1st and 7th chakras spin parallel to the earth and the heavens respectively. The chakras are places in the energetic and physical bodies where information and life force energy are exchanged. They are connected to energy channels, which in the Oriental traditions are called meridians. They are instrumental in maintaining the health and well being of your energetic system, and thus creating harmony in your body, mind and spirit. Chakra bracelets help to maintain such balance.


• 1st, root chakra, lies at the base of the spine.
• 2nd, navel chakra, is located about two fingers width below the navel.
• 3rd, solar plexus chakra, is located at the level of the solar plexus.
• 4th, heart chakra, is located at the level of the physical heart.
• 5th, throat chakra, is located at the cleft in the throat.
• 6th, third eye chakra, is located in the center of the head.
• 7th, crown chakra, is located on the top of the head.


The energy channels are pathways for the life-force energy to move through the energetic and physical bodies. These channels are connected to all the chakras in the body’s subtle and physical levels. Our bodies have their own innate intelligence and are constantly seeking balance and harmony. The energy channels are instrumental in carrying life-force energy to all aspects of the body’s energetic systems, from the subtlest energy body, to the physical body, all the way down to the atomic levels. When this life-force energy flows freely, it allows all aspects of our energetic system to be in communication; which supports the health and balance of our energetic system and thus our physical body.


The following are a series of simple tools that will help you to increase your self-awareness. As your awareness increases, you will gain a greater understanding of the creative power that lies within you, which will enable you to make more conscious choices that will affect your life in a positive way.

These tools are simple yet profound.

We often tend to think that if something is simple it can’t be very powerful, so we only give validity to complicated solutions and overlook the simple ones. These tools are simple and powerful. They are simple but not necessarily easy. By this I mean that they will take practice and persistence. Keep an open mind, come as a little child as the Master, Jesus suggests, have fun and play. Your reward will be a new-found sense of freedom and awareness like you have never had before.

Reconnect with the “child within”; that part of you that loves to play and have fun. Use your imagination. Your imagination is the key to having the life that you want and deserve.

Have you ever wondered why you were told as a child over and over, it’s just your imagination? Your imagination is the key to everything. If you can imagine it you can have it. The more clearly you can sense, (see, feel, know), what it is you want in your imagination, also known as your mind’s eye, the easier it will be for you to attract that into your life.
Our emotions have different vibrations, in the same way that colors have different vibrations. We perceive different colors because their wavelengths are different. The wavelength and vibration of the color red is longer and slower than the color violet, which is shorter and faster, so violet is a higher vibration than red. Happiness and amusement are higher vibrations than sadness or seriousness. Just think about how you feel when you are happy versus when you are sad. Don’t you feel lighter when you are happy?

Being in a state of happiness, joy and amusement is another key to changing your energy. As you raise your vibration you become lighter, (enlightened). You will also become more aware of the heavier vibrations in your energetic field. Once you are aware of this energy you can choose to release it so that it no longer affects you.


1. Matter is made up of vibrating molecules.
2. Our thoughts affect this energy.
3. Awareness of our thoughts and emotions gives us choice.
4. We control our energy through our choices
5. As we become lighter, enlightened, our awareness increases.
6. Through increased awareness, we can release the energies that have been influencing us, if we so choose.
7. Come to this practice as a “little child”, have fun, play, imagine. Begin to create the life that you want and deserve.I HOPE that the information in this report has been interesting, helpful and enlightening.
Jesus said, “Seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you”. The answers, your answers lie within you, within your heart. Einstein said, “Question everything”. A very wonderful teacher of mine has said many times, “You have to ask the right question to get the right answer”. Never stop asking questions or seeking the truth. Power comes with awareness and understanding. Awareness and understanding help us to know that we are all connected and love is the answer.

With blessings of aloha,
In love and service,
Debbie Emerson



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